Case: Thibo (Hitmetal)

A leading expert in (automated) fences & gates, fasteners, welded wire meshes and temporary fencing. A company with 48,000 m2 of production and storage space, focused on delivering high-quality products from stock in the Benelux.

Case: Thibo (Hitmetal)

Thibo (formerly Hitmetal) goes way, way back. Started in 1842, when Piet van Thiel decided to start manufacturing nails - all by hand. This long history of nearly 2 centuries shows, as the company has kept on delivering high-quality products in their industry. In 2013 they also grew to the largest in the Benelux, by acquisition of various companies in the industry. Thibo has been a well-known brand around its main facility in Beek and Donk, but also in- and outside of The Netherlands for their products.

By now, 2021, Thibo has kept delivering and making promises true. As part of continuing innovation, they have continued to streamline their internal systems and decided a couple of years ago to start the development of their own applications. These applications would support the production of their products. Besides supporting production with their in-house developed applications, Thibo has also been pioneering in the modern IT industry with new and innovative SaaS applications since recently.

Beek en Donk, The Netherlands - facility Thibo with 48.00m2 warehouse and production space.
The main facility of Thibo in Beek en Donk, The Netherlands.

When Thibo decided to develop their own applications, they needed to find a reliable partner for hosting them. In the end, they ended with the service offering of Cloudbear and so our partnership was born. Currently, Thibo has the following managed services of Cloudbear:

  • Managed Webhosting, a platform where Thibo hosts business-critical applications.
  • Managed Monitoring, where monitoring is fully handled by Cloudbear and issues are proactively dealt with.
  • Managed Mail, for sending e-mails from the applications.
  • 24/7 SLA, where Cloudbear will proactively respond 24/7 to priority issues.

For this interview, we had a conversation with Patrick Zegels, IT manager at Thibo.

What kind of services do you provide with Thibo?

We are a producer of gates and wholesale in fencing supplies. We strive to have a large offering of products, fast delivery and all supported by in-house production of the products.

What is the structure of your development team at Thibo?

Although it had various sizes throughout the years, currently the development team consists of one PHP developer. This is also the exact reason why we wanted not to worry about hosting, as we had to focus on the development of the applications.

What does Cloudbear host for Thibo?

Our most business-critical application currently running on the infrastructure of Cloudbear is our TMS, which is short for Transport Management System. It manages all transport happening around Thibo, a whole operation on its own.

The TMS required to be operational all the time, and this is what Cloudbear provided. Cloudbear provided a great up-time, and if any problems arise, they respond proactively and fast.

How is your experience in working together with Cloudbear thus far?

My experience with Cloudbear has been outstanding thus far. Support is always fast and easy to reach. Usually just a message away on WhatsApp, and otherwise a single phone call will result in the information that I need.

Other than support, a nice bonus has been that the costs are very manageable through clear quotes/indications and low contracts - even though normally I've seen Cloud projects getting way too expensive and out of hand, fast. Without me knowing.

The interview ended with a question if Patrick has any further feedback for both the interview and the Cloudbear service offering and we got one clear answer: no, just continue like this.

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